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Why we all love flowers so much!

Mental health & wellbeing

Flowers look beautiful – sure – but did you know there have been studies that show that having flowers and greenery around your house or place of work actually helps with mental wellbeing? Having flowers around can improve your stress levels and help your psychological health, according to some research.

Great for the senses!

Flowers are used to decorate your homes, workspaces, and look great at special events. Researchers have found that people are attracted to the symmetry, bright colours and aroma that get released from flowers. Take roses for example – my personal favourite! The floral scent that emanates from roses can help with remembering information and can give your brain a boost. Flower arrangement is truly an art form, and the arrangements that our florists are creating today are truly spectacular.


Tending to plants and flowers can be relaxing and activities such as gardening and flower arranging are great ways to work through stress and frustration, the scents from flowers can also help with relaxing. Therefore, sachets and bath products are often floral. (Who doesn’t love a lavender-scented bath or candle?)

Improves concentration

At times it’s difficult staying focused whether that’s working or doing chores around the house but by keeping plants and flowers in your home or at work has been found to help improve your concentration and even your memory. Keeping plants and flowers around oxygenates the air which boosts brain cells that helps you stay motivated and complete tasks.