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Some tips for healthy plants

The most important step in looking after your house plants is opting for the right pot size. Drainage is extremely important for your plant and a pot too big or too small will result in the plant either running out of space to grow or wilting before it should!Fill the pot up with good quality potting soil – a bag of good quality potting soil should contain extra nutrients or fertilizers that will help your houseplant stay strong and healthy.

We’re willing to bet that the biggest mistake you’re making is overwatering. That’s right, you’re drowning your botanical babies with too much TLC! The main symptom of overwatering is wilting, along with yellowing, browning and slow growth. Many people spot wilting and – not unreasonably – assume that their house plant needs further watering, which is the worst thing they could do. Chances are, its roots have already started rotting, but there’s a sliver of hope. Unfortunately, for all their lauded qualities, house plants can be divas.

If your leafy lodger has shrivelled and died on you after a matter of weeks, you’re not alone. You simply need to know where you’re going wrong – and learn how to turn that black thumb bright green in a jiffy! So, how do you stop killing your house plants? Feel the soil, preferably near the edge of the pot. If the dirt feels dry and crumbly, it’s time to water. If it still feels damp, it probably doesn’t need more just yet. After a few weeks of this practice, you should begin to get the hang of knowing when your plants need water.

Clearly this depends on the plant but generally speaking, plants love a bit of light so make sure to give your plant plenty of light. All plants need some sun to thrive however too much sun or direct exposure to the sun for too long can cause them to wither away quite quickly and so, as with all things that are plant related- balance is key! Research your plant – every plant is different and needs the TLC that is best suited to them so spend some time finding out more about your plant and what it needs to survive the longest possible time!