Subscribe to a Fruit Plan

Choose from our monthly or annual subscription packages.  Subscription can be cancelled at anytime. Contact us to combine or replace fruit basket packages with other options. One fruit basket serves approx. 20 people. Delivery on working days only.

One Per Week

One Fruit basket delivered each week to your home or office

£80 / month

Two Per Week

Two Fruit baskets delivered each week to your home or office

£160 / month


Daily Fruit Basket Delivery (exc. weekends) to your home or office

£400 / month


One bouquet a month delivered to an address of your choice

£1000 / year


Biweekly fruit delivery – flowers delivered twice each week for a year!

£2000 / year


Daily Fruit Delivery (exc. weekends) for a year! * excludes weekends

£5200 / year

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